What COVID-19 Could Do For Your Business

The global situation at hand regarding the COVID-19 outbreak has not only put its hands-on global health but also the global economy. From large centralized corporations to long-established small local businesses, the effects are felt throughout. There is no way of hiding the fact that the afflictions that COVID-19 has brought on all ventures of business have cut deep in many sectors. But pandemics such as these do bring a sense of hope while uniting us, bringing our minds to solutions. However, this, too, shall pass. As the impact of the coronavirus ages, there are measures that can be taken to elevate your businesses on the digital forefront. Keep in mind that, essentially, online purchases are the alternative to retail. We want to help you pilot through these tough winds, and together, come to clearer skies.


While it is evidently clear that brick and mortar sales will take nothing short of a light blow, now is the perfect time for your online platforms to perform. With consumers searching for alternative routes to consumer goods, online sales are at an all-time high. Now more than ever, you are situated on a particular opportunity to have your online presence known. With the aid of media marketing companies and a strategized route, now is the time to consider taking advantage of low-cost web ad-spend.

“it’s times like these, we learn to live again”.

– foo fighters –


The continuous use of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram earns unarguable exposure and is something you should consider and reflect on. Selling your in-store stock is of top priority, and online is where to begin. Having continuous online promotions and advertisements through email marketing, google ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a way of gaining brand awareness. It’s apparent that the majority of the population are surfing the internet on numerous devices, and as a result of the coronavirus, staying indoors has brought us closer to our screens. Now is a perfect opportunity for us to implement news strategic undertakings. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by this situation, we have been coming up with creative solutions for some of our clients during these tough times, and it has yielded significant results


Communication with your consumers on a regular basis is a key component in driving traffic and awareness towards your brand. Although business is as slow as it is right now, now is an opportune time for you to do some work on your business. Structure your online presence, set up some promotions and campaigns, ease the stress that so many of us locally are having to endure – be a part of the solution and give back to the community. For us here at Mister Social, we are giving back to our community by giving back to the locals with gift cards as well as free publicity to local businesses.

We hope you are staying safe and staying at home. Let the team at Mister Social help you in these difficult times.

Mister Social Team

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