Dealership Marketing

Dominate your competition with stand-out marketing for your dealership.

More test drives, more customers.

The founder of Mister Social started his marketing career while working as a salesman at a car dealership. Needless-to-say, we understand the unique needs and requirements working with dealerships. We’re masters at inspiring test drives through custom, local, high quality digital experiences.


Financing & Pre-approval online


Start-to-finish buy online


Trade-in valuation online

The secret is out and the digital car buying experience is here to stay. With more and more dealerships going digital, there is no time to waste in finding new ways to reach, convert and (most overlooked) retain customers. Mister Social will help you deliver unforgettable marketing experiences that leave your prospects coming back for more.

Sell more cars.

Stop facing the same old problems.

Optimizing Google My Business

Get your local business listing to rank #1 for your target keywords. Beat your competition.

Tracking & Analyzing ROI From Marketing

Understand what is driving conversions and stop wasting money on what doesn’t work.

Creating Sales Offers and Value Propositions

Clarity around your customer and why they would buy is key to creating messaging that turns into action.

Creating Marketing Goals & Tracking Results

Most dealerships plateau beacause they don’t have SMART goals with actionable plans to achieve them.

Photography & Video Production

In the digital world, photos and videos sell cars. WOW them with your content.

Ongoing Content Creation & Promotion

Creating engaging digital experiences bring people to your showroom.

We help you identify the services that fit your needs.

Marketing Strategy

Mister Social works with your team to develop a results-oriented digital marketing strategy to generate more leads.

Social Media Marketing

Supercharge your marketing efforts with direct engagement with prospects and customers. Drive leads to messaging & video calls.

Video Production

Most car advertisements go unnoticed because they’ve looked the same for over a decade. Let’s do something different.

Content Creation

Stock photos and franchise content are no longer good enough. Customers need to see your vehicles in their neighborhood.


We create irresistible images- so customers have to come in and get in the vehicle they’ve been dreaming about. Let the photographs do the selling.

Some of our


We’ve worked with dealerships throughout North America. So, we bring the expertise of the industry combined with local market insights.


Let's Talk About Your Brand.