How Your Social Media, Website and Digital Ads Work Together

There are a lot of different marketing opportunities your business can choose from. It can feel like a lot to look into when you’re starting out especially because there are so many exciting opportunities that allow you to market your business in unique ways, so to make it simple you need to start with the end in mind.

Who are you speaking to? Who’s interacting with your business? Who buys from you regularly?

You need to determine exactly who your target audience is and then strategize the best platforms and strategies that will facilitate your growth. Website design, search engine optimization, paid ads and social media are all ways that can increase your visibility and bring new business to your door.

Marketing and advertising is about generating traffic and finding potential leads for your business, all of those people need to be sent somewhere that they can get more information and become, not necessarily sold, but at least more interested in what it is you provide. Your website is a representation of business online and is the most important tool that’s available to you.

The keywords on a website are extremely important when you are running advertisements or when you are looking to rank #1 on Google. Everything needs to be set up just so in order to obtain real Search Engine Optimization that’s beneficial to the marketing plan that you may be creating.

Not only will having the right keywords on your site help with ads, but it will also ensure that you show up in more search results when someone is searching for a company like yours on Google. Having extra information on the site will also help when explaining to people what you do and why you’re different from other companies in your industry.

There are many powerful ways to design a website to keep people on your site longer and to create a lasting impression on any visitor. Captivating and controlling attention is the pillar of marketing, and your website is the end of the journey for a majority of your traffic, it will be the deciding factor for many people when they are thinking of contacting you. Whether they have come from a social media platform or an online advertisement, the end goal is to get people on your website so that they can convert into a client/customer.

When it comes to your website security it is important to remember that your site is your businesses digital storefront. Like a normal storefront, you never want to leave the door wide open and unlocked. So when it comes to your website you always want to ensure that it functions, looks great and is a strong representation of your company but that it also provides protection for your current and future clients, as well as making sure to protect all of your personal back end info that is being linked to your website.

Your website is where everyone will end up, but the real trick is getting them through the door with online advertisements and of course – social media. There are many industries where social media is extremely under utilized, but what a lot of companies don’t realize is that even in a B2B world social media is not just for lead generation like it can be for B2C businesses, it’s actually for branding.

Branding is the message you send out to your target audience and also the world. What do you want people to think or say about your business when they first encounter you? What impression do you want to leave on people? Branding is what makes your business unique and allows you to showcase your best qualities through your marketing and advertising.

Social media is a way to stay constantly connected with everyone, from your customers to your staff to your potential clients. It gives you the ability to learn from your audience while also engaging with them to establish a strong lasting relationship.

When it comes to online advertisements, they shouldn’t be viewed as just an ad, it’s a way to get your message out to a new group of people that you’re wanting to target and speak to. Ads are a great way to add additional touch points during the sales process in order to make a lasting impression and impact.

Overall, when you’re designing your digital strategy it’s important to keep in mind all these different factors. Even if your budget is small it’s important to incorporate each piece into your business to create true and long lasting growth.

Mister Social Team

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