Digital Marketing Strategy

Achieve your marketing goals faster with a detailed and market-researched plan. A digital marketing strategy helps you grow your business, grow your customers and beat the competition.

Benefits of a digital strategy:

With only a few hours of commitment from your team, you receive a detailed plan on how to thrive in your current market. A digital marketing strategy helps your local business focus on the channels and metrics most important to your business.


Stop throwing darts blindly.

Know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.


Stop being a sheep instead of shepherd.

Lead your company on the right strategy instead of copying competitors.


Stop wasting marketing dollars.

Execute a tailored plan with confidence and avoid trying every new trend.

Start generating the leads you want.

Work with Mister Social for proven results-based strategies.

How It Works:

Mister Social works with your team to develop a results-oriented digital marketing strategy that generates leads online. The three steps to accomplish this includes analysis and research, strategy development, and a detailed plan to execute the strategy based on your timeline and budget.

Analyze & Research

To build a strong digital marketing strategy, Mister Social analyzes your current digital marketing efforts. This includes checking customer data, website data and social analytics. Mister Social also analyzes the current market by executing a SWOT analysis.

A SWOT analysis is a breakdown of your local business’ strengths and weaknesses versus the opportunities and threats of the market.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Website Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Social Analytics
  • Competition Research
  • CRM & Customer Data

Strategize & Define

Based on the research conducted, Mister Social creates buyer personas that represent your ideal target client. The buyer persona helps establish content strategies, campaigns and marketing goals for your digital marketing strategy.

Mister Social also determines the ideal channels and platforms for your strategy we well as the metrics to measure the performance.

  • Marketing Goals & KPIs
  • Buyer Personas & Audience
  • Platforms & Channels
  • Content & Campaign Topics

Develop & Detail

Together, the plan is reviewed with your team. Your feedback is considered for any adjustments in the digital marketing strategy.

In the final stage, Mister Social details the content plan, campaigns, target audiences, itemized marketing budget and task allocation. Your team receives a break down of every task that needs to be executed.

  • Review with client
  • Make adjustments based on feedback
  • Write audience & targeting details
  • Write content & campaign details
  • Develop itemized marketing budget
  • Marketing calendar + Budget
  • Define who is executing each element

Let’s talk about your digital strategy.