Mister Social Partnership Program

- We do it with You -

In the Partnership Program, the required work to be completed will be split between the Mister Social team and you. After the game-plan the direction are established, you and the Mister Social team work together, with you taking home responsibilities that the Mister Social Team appoints. 

What will you get? 

We're sure that no one knows your business better than you do. You have lots of ideas, and we welcome you to build a successful digital marketing strategy together with us! Our main focus is on four crucial parts that can help improve your online success: Brand Development, Content Creation, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing. According to your own specfic needs, we have three different packages for you to choose. 

Brand Development

Logo Creation

Project Manager

Brand Style Guide

Content Creation



Content Calender

Website Page

Website Optimization

Google My Business

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing


Monthly Analytics


- Our Packages -


This package will provide the client with tools to amplify their digital and online presence at a basic level. Included in this package is: 

  • 10 posts per platform 

  • Google My Business + 1 Platform 

  • Website Optimization (6h)

  • Photoshoot: 12 High-Quality Shots (1h limit) 

  • Dedicated Project Manager (4h/month)

  • Content Calendar

  • Monthly Report 


This package will provide you with tools to upgrade your online presence through carefully curated and unique content. Included in this package is:

  •  Up to 15 posts per platform 

  •  Google My Business + 2 Platform 

  •  Website Optimization (8h)

  •  Photoshoot: 20 High-Quality Shots (1.5h limit) 

  •  Dedicated Project Manager (10h/month)

  •  Content Calendar

  •  Monthly Report 

 Pro Plus

This package will provide you with tools to strengthen your brand image through a marketing strategy designed for your needs. Included in this package is:

  • Up to 20 posts per platform 

  • Google My Business + 3 Platform 

  • Website Redesign (16h)

  • Photoshoot: 25 High-Quality Shots (1.5h limit) 

  • Video Production 60s duration (4h limit to shoot)

  • Dedicated Project Manager (12h/month)

  • Engagement (2h/month)

  • Content Calendar

  • Monthly Report 

Our experience and what they say about us.

We have accumulated a lot of valuable and successful experience in the digital marketing industry. All the clients we have worked with have given us a high evaluation, but we are constantly on the forefront of digital marketing and improving our skills to provide customers with better and more effective digital marketing strategies. Check out some of our case studies and reviews below! 

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