Mister Social Consulting Program

- We Teach You -

During the Consulting Program, you and the Mister Social team will meet at the Mister Social location to collaborate. The Mister Social team will design a personalized five-week program for you, while instructing and teaching you about the areas of marketing that you wish to strengthen.

What will you learn? 

You will learn basic knowledge about digital marketing and all the relevant tools that can help your business improve. If you feel a certain part you really want to strengthen, we will also provide you with the best-targeted training. In short, you will be a skilled digital marketer after learning this course, and you'll be capable of building digital marketing strategies from scratch. 

Brand Development

Logo Creation

Project Manager

Brand Style Guide

Content Creation



Content Calender

Website Page

Website Optimization

Google My Business

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing


Monthly Analytics


Who's it for?

This Consulting Program is aimed at:

✓ Entrepreneurs and small business owners.

✓ Those in traditional marketing careers who are looking to update their skillset.

✓ Marketers working in Management and Senior Management.

✓ Anyone hoping to implement an up to date digital strategy for their company.

✓ Company looking to train a current employee to manage to grow social media strategy


The level of understanding that you guys have in terms of what's required of marketing online, and the way the world is going, nobody understands better than Mister Social.         

                                      --- Lamar